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What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis is an entirely natural state.  It is a different state of consciousness, a little like day dreaming.  Have you ever been on a regular journey and, when you reach your destination, thought "I can't remember going past such and such"?  You were actually in a very mild hypnotic state during that journey!  The subconscious part of your mind (where we store all our experiences and things we learn) will have been "in charge" although the conscious part will have immediately taken over if needed.  It is the subconscious which is spoken to during hypnotherapy.



What will happen during a hypnotherapy session?


By using relaxation methods and other techniques you will be taken into a deeply relaxed state.  Once there, what are known as post hypnotic suggestions are used which will be relevant to your particular issue.  For more complex cases, sometimes a course of Hypnoanalysis may be needed.  After each session you will feel completely relaxed and very calm.



Can I be made to do anything I don't want to?


Absolutely not!!  Although you are in an hypnotic state, you are completely aware of what is going on around you and you can leave the hypnosis whenever you wish to.  You are in complete control!  Please do not confuse hypnotherapy with "stage hypnosis"!



Will I be asleep?


No, you will not be asleep during the hypnosis session, just very relaxed.  Although some people can "drop off" as they are so relaxed - but this doesn't mean that the hypnotherapy will not work!