Balance and Harmony
........for a balanced life

Balance and Harmony


Welcome to the website of Balance and Harmony.  Based in the pretty village of Debenham in Suffolk, Balance and Harmony is run by therapist Hazel Skayman.  Using a combination of hypnotherapy, counselling, EFT and EMDR, Hazel can help people with a variety of different issues.


The fast pace of modern day life can lead to our lives becoming "unbalanced" and one issue can in turn lead to another.  For example, high levels of stress can lead to "comfort eating" which in turn can lead to weight gain which can lead to more stress........  And so the "circle" can continue.  The therapies used by Hazel can break this circle and help you to regain some balance and harmony in your life.



What can the therapies be used for?


The therapies used can help with a wide variety of issues including:

This list is by no means exhaustive!



Which therapy will be used?


Each session is likely to involve a combination of the different therapies but will be tailored specifically for you.  For instance, there are some situations when EFT and EMDR will not be suitable to use - this will be discussed at your initial consultation.  Deep relaxation methods will be used at each session so you leave feeling calm and refreshed.


At the initial consultation you will be asked a series of questions, including some about your current health.  If you are currently being treated by your GP, you may be asked to contact them for their agreement prior to the therapy being started.  This is to ensure that the therapy does not interfere with any treatment you might currently be receiving.



Balance and Harmony - for a balanced life.